It’s impossible to predict how a woman may feel after she has an abortion procedure. You may be wondering how you can recover emotionally after an abortion.

The Mayo Clinic states women may have “a mix of emotions, including relief, loss, sadness or guilt.” Some studies show women may even struggle with PTSD symptoms

An abortion is a serious medical procedure, so just as you may need to seek physical recovery, it can take time for you to heal as well.

Keep reading for possible resources and steps you can take to find healing. 

Give Yourself Time and Space

Don’t try to fix your emotions overnight. Consider how you would treat a friend who had gone through a serious medical procedure, and show yourself the same care and understanding. Let yourself process the emotions as they come.

Give yourself some space to breathe and take it one day at a time. 

Get Help From Your Support System

The most important thing right now is to make sure that you are not isolating yourself, and making yourself inaccessible to those who care about you. Reach out to a family member, trusted friend, or counselor. 

You deserve healing, and surrounding yourself with a positive support system is critical for this process.

Seek Post-Abortive Care 

In addition to your family and friends, professional help of a licensed counselor is a great idea. You may consider seeing a therapist, or other support resources.

At Elevier Women’s Center, you can schedule a no-cost appointment with us to seek post-abortive support services. We are here to support you, including after an abortion. We offer a safe place for you to process your emotions.
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