It can be overwhelming and frightening to find out your period is late and you may be pregnant. A pregnancy wasn’t in your plans.

No-cost pregnancy testing

Our professional medical team will walk you through the process with one of our lab quality pregnancy tests. You may have already taken a home pregnancy test yet there are many factors that can impact the accuracy of your results. It is important to have your results confirmed with a lab quality pregnancy test. You will want to know your results are accurate, our tests are 99% accurate.

How a pregnancy test works

When pregnant, a pregnancy test will detect the presence of hCG, the human pregnancy hormone. A positive test means hCG is present at a high enough level to indicate probable pregnancy.

What to do if the test is positive

If your pregnancy test is positive, your next step is to have a free limited obstetrical ultrasound. A pregnancy test only gives you a small amount of information. Ultrasounds give you the vital information you need before making a decision about your unplanned pregnancy. At Elevier, we give you the most current evidence-based medical information to help in your decision-making process. A limited obstetrical ultrasound will determine how far along the pregnancy is, if the pregnancy is viable, and verify the pregnancy is located in the uterus.

You can do this

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