Are you wondering if what you are experiencing is pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue, or a missed period? Take a pregnancy test to confirm your suspicions and eliminate any possible “what ifs.” 

Be mindful of the timing of the test since it’s possible to take a pregnancy test too early, which may give you a false negative. Wait at least 1 week after your first missed period to take a pregnancy test.

Read this article for more information about pregnancy tests and recommended next steps if you get a positive result.

How Does a Pregnancy Test Work?

Timing is everything to get the most accurate results. Pregnancy tests work by detecting the hormone hCG, which is found in a woman’s blood and urine when she is pregnant. 

It is recommended waiting up to a week after your first missed period to take a pregnancy test for the most reliable results. If you’re unsure how to calculate the date when your pregnancy began, contact us. We can provide you with a no-cost pregnancy test that will provide immediate results.

What Do I Do with a Positive Result?

If the pregnancy test result is positive, the next step is to schedule a no-cost ultrasound with a licensed medical provider. 

This scan allows you to confirm the pregnancy, determine how far along you are, and identify potential complications, such as an ectopic pregnancy.

It’s also helpful to schedule an ultrasound because the pregnancy may not be viable even though the test is positive. The ultrasound can verify the status of the pregnancy. A miscarriage can still produce detectable levels of hCG. 

The pregnancy’s age also informs you of your eligibility for specific procedures such as medication abortion vs. surgical abortion.

Elevier Women’s Center offers no-cost ultrasound procedures so you can make an informed decision.

Make an Informed Decision

Our center provides no-charge pregnancy services to women in need, including pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. 

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or need clarification on the best next steps? We also offer no-cost options consultations where you can discuss your questions or concerns in a safe and supportive environment.
We are here to equip and empower you in making an informed and confident decision. Contact us today!