It shows that you’re a compassionate friend if you’re seeking ways to support a friend going through an unplanned pregnancy. The news of an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming. That’s when women need their support systems to be there for them.

Look at these suggestions to support your friend as she navigates this challenging situation.

Check in on Your Friend

If she has shared her news with you, she trusts you as someone she can count on. Let her know that you are here for her, but give her time and space to think and process the news if she asks for it.

Don’t hesitate to text her encouragement (even if she doesn’t respond). Find thoughtful ways to support her, such as helping her run errands or sending her a food delivery of her favorite lunch or coffee. Right now, it’s just important she knows that people care and that she is not alone.

Offer Your Support

Whether it’s fear, anger, anxiety, or something else, have an open mind about how your friend responds. She likely is experiencing an incredible amount of fear, and consistently reaching out or offering your support lets her know you are in it for the long haul.

After she has had time to process the news, let her know that you are there to be a listening ear or go to the doctor’s appointment, whatever she needs to feel supported.

Help Her With the Next Steps

If she is still evaluating her options to decide on her pregnancy, suggest accompanying her to a no-cost ultrasound at Elevier Women’s Center.

We offer no-cost services such as pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, which can provide enlightening details such as her pregnancy’s viability, age, and location. Knowing these details will help her understand her options. 

For example, if she has an ectopic pregnancy, she would need immediate medical attention that would not be treated by an elective abortion.

At Elevier Women’s Center she can learn more about her pregnancy and ask questions in a compassionate setting. 

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