One of the hardest parts of an unexpected pregnancy can be telling your loved ones, especially if you’re unsure of their reaction or dread disappointing them.

Read this article for tips on approaching these conversations thoughtfully and confidently. 

Preparing to Tell Your Boyfriend

Because he is the father, it’s probably best to tell your boyfriend first, but ultimately, you should consider who you feel closest with and who you can rely on in this situation.

Make sure you choose the best time and place. You need to both be fully present, free of distractions, and in a private space.

There is never a perfect way or time, so just be straightforward with the news and prepare for various reactions. He may be surprised, frustrated, anxious, or upset. Make sure you give him space to process if he asks. 

After he has had time to process, try reaching out to him to see how he feels so that you can support one another.

Sharing the News with Family

Choose who you can trust the most in your family so you can count on them for moral support as you share the news with the rest of the family.

If you’re unsure, tell them all at once and, just like with your boyfriend, be prepared for a range of emotions: surprise, worry, joy, or anything in between.

Once they are prepared for a more constructive conversation, set clear expectations around how you need support if they offer to help. You may want to let them know if you prefer they keep the pregnancy private for now or if you are looking for help with doctor’s appointments. 

If they are supportive, keep the lines of communication open so you can benefit from their support during the pregnancy.

Moving Forward Together

With your boyfriend and trusted family members now in the loop, continue having open conversations about your feelings and what steps you plan to take.

Discuss medical appointments, options like parenting or adoption, and how your loved ones can best support you as you determine the next steps together. 

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